The Code!

Are You A Moral Person? 

That is the question I asked the church recently. I think, no matter who you ask, people will all say the same thing. "Yes I am a moral person!" There is problem with that response. We don't all believe the same things about morality. We all say were are moral but don't all live the same or have the same values. The real question is, "Where Do You Get Your Morals From?" What we discover is that we all have different definitions of what is moral. We all express morals from different points of reference. 

You have to get your moral code from somewhere. Most people get their moral code from the culture. These days many people get their morals from television, movies, music, politicians, social media, educational institutions, or peers. Some have gotten their morals from their families. Others get their morals from the Bible. 

I recently heard a man talking about morality. He was declaring that true morality can only come from philosophers and intellectuals. He believed that morals are relative and transform with the changing culture. It's called moral relativism. The basic idea is that we can make up our own morals. We decide what is moral based on what we want, like, or dislike. It scoffs at the idea of any standard moral code. Absolutes do not exist. Therefore, what is right today might be wrong tomorrow. What is wrong today can be right tomorrow. For me that only means... there are no morals!

I see a moral code that has been built into the fabric of who we are. The history of man could be titled "Man VS Morality!" If we read history through the eyes of morality we can see some strong revelations. History tells the tales of people who followed morality and those who didn't. It reveals what happens when we re-write morality to fit our world view. Time after time we see morality through the eyes of the people. When they have moral leaders they are happy and peaceful and when they have immoral leaders they are oppressed and troubled. 

Pros 28:2 When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability. NLT


Since I am a pastor, I am always looking at the church. I am forever monitoring Christians and their professions and their actions.  What I am seeing more and more is what I would call  "Mixed Morals" in the church. There was a time when the moral code among Christians was almost exactly the same no matter the organization. That is no longer the situation.  Uniformity of moral conviction no longer exists. People have decided to fashion their own form of morality. We are now a people of "Mixed Morals!"

I now see people who believe pieces of the Bible and pieces of culture. Their moral code is a blend of values from different segments of our society. When that happens we are headed for trouble. One drop of poison still make the whole glass worthless and dangerous!

Paul told Timothy...

2Ti 4:3  For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.

2Ti 4:4  They will reject the truth and chase after myths.


Maintaining Godly Morality Is The Strength of Your Life!

Ignoring Godly Morality Will Be The Downfall of Your Life!

How is it possible that the views of the church could changes on things like adultery, fornication, marriage, murder? It seems unthinkable however, it is happening. That church that Paul warned Timothy about is the church of today. There is only one place that it can lead to... trouble. A church without morality is a church without power! We cannot defy God's ordinances and expect anything but judgement. The letters to the seven churches, in the book of Revelation, give us clear insight into how God will handle these failures in the church. 

First - He is always be truthful and gracious. He tells us plainly where the issues are!

Second - He gives us the remedy - Repent and stop what we are doing! Reverse course!

Third - He warns us of pending judgment if we do not heed His instructions!

The has always been God's process in dealing with us. It will continue to be His process. 

I ask myself why? What have we changed? What has caused us to become secular or carnal in our morality. I see a two reasons. The first is loss. We have lost respect, honor, and reverence for the Word of God... the Bible. Once we held it as Holy. Now we see it as irrelevant and common. Once that happened, the moral erosion began. Not that long ago the Word of God was seen as the single most important guide for nearly everything. It was used in the formation of government. It was used for marriage, raising children, and even as a foundation social conduct. Somewhere that all changed and it became a religious book. A book for old people. A book that no longer had a voice in our culture.

Second is influence. We have allowed a myriad of influences to form our morality. I recently posted on social media, "What you permit you will eventually defend!" It all starts with influence. We allow ourselves to be molded by people and their ideas, which are outside of the Word of God, and end up estranged from God himself.

Remember one very important truth... CONSEQUENCE! Our actions always come with consequences! Sowing and reaping is a spiritual and natural law. We cannot ignore the truth of God's Word without experiencing the consequences of our rebellion.