The Bottom Theory!

Excerpt From Soon Coming Book... "Three Ways to Absolutely, Positively, Definitely, Destroy Your Life!"

I have this little theory about human behavior. I call it “The Bottom Theory.” It goes like this. People hit bottom in their lives. It happens for most people. Usually, it is because of terrible mistakes of judgment or lack of character on their part. They are often greatly discouraged and broken. It is a perfect opportunity for them to make a change. It is a great time to learn a lesson and see the folly of their mistakes and bad choices. My experience tells me, once the pain or grief is over, they go right back to the same behavior. Although they show every sign of understanding, I can see the bottom coming again. They cry, repent, show remorse and say everything a changed person would be expected to say. 

Change requires more than words. I know they will be back for help and counseling again. However, the next time they hit bottom, the “bottom” is much deeper than before. The pain is worse. The cost is greater. Getting themselves out of their mess is much more difficult. I have come to the place where I just look at people and tell them plainly, “If you do not change, you will be right back here again. Only, the next time it will be much worse!”

Wayne Hager