Born this Way!


Human beings are always looking for a way to justify their behavior. The latest mantra of justification is called "Born this Way." It works like this, someone stands up and declares, "I can't help myself... I was born this way." Once that declaration is made, we are required to turn a deaf ear to what they are doing. We can no longer voice our opinion or our disgust. Since "God made them like this" we can't say anything. I beg to differ.

Imagine, for one second, if we treated all human behavior with this same litmus test? What would happen to our culture? What would happen to our country? What would happen to the world? The reality is that anyone can make that statement. For example:

Jeffery Dammer could have said - "I have a strong appetite for human flesh. I can't help that. I was made that way."

Adolph Hitler Could have said - "I was born to hate, kill and dominate! I did not make a conscious decision to kill Jews or Gypsies or other people I consider inferior. I was formed this way. I should be left alone to do as I please."

Al Capone could have said - "Gangster? I am no gangster! I was born to be the alpha male and make my own rules. The ones who are wrong are the ones who are trying to make me do what they want me to do! I am not going to live by anyone else's rules. You can't tell me what to do! I do what I do because I can!"

Pedofiles could proclaim - I am not sick! I do not require punishment or counseling! I was born with an internal hunger for children. It is not wrong! You can't judge me! I am only acting on inborn desires. If I find children who are willing and enjoy participating with me, I should be left alone." 

On and on it can go. Eventually, every demented criminal will stand up in court and declare their innocence based on birth. The thief, the murderer, the embezzler, the drunk driver, the crooked politician, and many more can jump on this band wagon, join the parade, and chant the mantra... "I was born this way!"

This excuse, this reasoning, this deception, is at the base of all evil. "I want, therefore I justify. I am law contained within myself." Is it any wonder that we are seeing the growth of this philosophy in our culture? We tell people that there is no God, we tell people that they are their own god, we teach them that there are really no actual absolutes, and we end up with cultural rot. This process leads to disgusting, perverted and nasty things becoming common in our culture. Each person doing what is right in their one eyes. Are you affected? Did you flinch when I used those terms to describe it?

It is not new! It is not original! It is sin! Great Pharaohs declared themselves to be god. They forced helpless people to serve them and worship them. They murdered at will. They consumed at will. They considered everything theirs. Money, food, property, humans, were all the possessions of the Pharaoh. After all, he was god! He was born that way! Was it right? NO, it was tyranny and sin against humanity. Nevertheless, they did it anyway... and they justified it. 

Truth - We were all born that way! Sinners! Yes, every one of us has a propensity for sin. That means we were born that way! 

Rom 3:23  For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

You see... we were all born that way. Born with wickedness in our hearts. Born from sinful parents. Born from the original sinners. The response from God will always be the same.

Rom 6:23  For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

On that note... We should stop justifying and start repenting. Just because we have a yearning, just because we strongly desire something, does not make it an acceptable practice. Our actions have consequence and reward. The reward for sin is eternal separation from God. But, the gift of God, for repenting of that sin, is eternal life!