Don't Judge Me Rant


I am so over hearing people say "Don't Judge Me!" At first when you hear someone say it you think, "That's right, you can't judge people." Then you start to wonder, "What are they really saying?" They love to use the Bible and quote the part about "judge not." I find it amusing that people who do not live by the Bible, want to quote the Bible to people who are trying to live by the Bible. What does the Bible say about judging?

First... We live in a world based on laws and statutes. That means people in every nation, of every color, and of every language, are judged by their societies every day. Here's how it works....

All cultures set standards and norms. They tell everyone in their culture, "You must follow these rules." After this, they develop punishments for those who refuse to abide by the rules. The punishments for breaking the rules range from fines to imprisonment. The most serious cases result in death in many countries. Most countries have a group of men called judges who hear these cases and make determinations of guilt according to the laws. That's how peace and safety are maintained in the society. Civil authority manages the lives and practices of the culture. 

Therefore, a judge is a person who decides, not only the guilt but the punishment of a person. When you investigate the word for judge, in the greek, it means to avenge or determine punishment. So, the Bible is not saying do not recognize or point out wrong. It is saying, if you are not in an appointed place of authority you cannot avenge wrong. You cannot decide guilt and punishment. 

Here is an example... If I am driving the speed limit and suddenly a person comes driving by me going twice my speed, is it judging them to say, "Hey, they are speeding?" Would I be justified to call the police? If someone passes me who is driving drunk, would I be judging them to say, "Hey, that guy looks like he is drunk?" Actually, I have a moral and civil duty to call it out and alert the civil authorities who have the power to do something about it. It is NOT judging them to say, "What you are doing is wrong!"

So when a doctor (term used loosely) takes the life of an unborn child and that child's mother gives her permission, it is not judging them to say, "That is wrong! It is murder!" What person, seeing a parent abusing their child, would not report them to the authorities? How can anyone, who has morals and values innocent life, not call out people who are taking it? 

Enter moral relativism. In our day and time we are doing all we can do to skirt around morality. So we attempt to change the way the world works by removing absolutes. The way you kill innocent children, and not pay any price, is you adjust values. Instead of a value on life, you place the value on lifestyle and convenience. Instead of valuing the child, you devalue the child and place all the value on the mother and her ability to choose. After all, who makes the rules? Where does our standard for law come from?

Until recent years, in our culture, these standards came almost entirely from the Bible. Think about the ten commandments. If you know them, and look for their spirit in our laws, you will find them everywhere. You can't kill. You can't steal. You can't abuse or take advantage of your neighbor. What about marriage? Marriage has always been one man and one women. That was taken straight out of scripture. Some say people in the Bible were polygamists. However, those who become polygamists, did it against the will of God. Polygamy was never, ever a common practice among the people of God.

In reality, the Bible gives clear instructions on examining someone's fruit. We are told that people can be known by how they live. We are told that if a certain lifestyle is present, then that person is probably in violation of Biblical principles. This is also true of a culture. If a culture strays, then the people are told to call it out. Democracy was formed and based on Biblical principles. It was not formed or based on lawless immorality. Law, in it's definition, could be described as, the moral code for a culture. People say, "You can't legislate morality." There is only one problem, we do legislate morality! If law is not based on morality, what is it based on? I contend that all law has it's foundation in morality. 

What about government programs like social security, food stamps, medicare? All of those are moral programs instituted by a morally responsible culture. Many godless and evil cultures would never even considered such programs. Many cultures on the earth offer no support or help for the sick, the elderly, the handicapped or the young. In many cultures those groups are abused and even killed without any response from the authorities. When you have a culture without Biblical values, the people suffer. 

As we examine cultures, it appears that the most benevolent cultures in history, have been Biblically based cultures. The Bible offers a form of government that is moral and thrives on accountability and personal responsibility. Did you know that, according to the Bible, entitlement is immoral? There is a clear sentiment in the Bible that every member of society should be self sufficient and personally responsible. Those who refuse to support themselves and the families that they produce, are dealt with through the law. However, the Bible offers great support for the weak, orphaned, widowed and feeble. 

Finally, a lawless culture screams, "Don't Judge ME!" That is their mantra as they cast off morality and demand that society accommodate there personal agenda and lifestyle.  Many say, "What of liberty and personal freedom?" There never has been and never can be absolute, limitless personal freedom. Without laws, limits, boundaries and morals, all cultures collapse. 

It is one thing for you to practice your immoral lifestyle, but demanding that the culture sanction it is another issue. Once we cast off clear and obvious morality, we become lawless. Lawless cultures are dangerous, violent and unstable. Once we remove morality, the lawless become powerful and merciless. We have seen this throughout history. Do we really want to repeat it? 

The Bible speaks of people doing what is right in their own eyes. It always leads to cultural destruction. If we attempt to turn our country into a place where every man does what he thinks is right, the country will become a cauldron of violence, immorality and death. Just look at history! 

The proper response should be, "Please do judge me!" We should asked to be examined and our lives scrutinized by the Word of God. The safest way to live is to live in line with God's Word. We should be fully aware of the principle of sewing and reaping. We should value life and live for the greatest outcome. Those who ignore consequence, will suffer the greatest loss. So the next time someone points out something in your life, that shouldn't be there, don't say, "Don't judge me!" Say, "Thank You!"