For more than 34 years Wayne Hager has given his life to full time Christian ministry.  He is currently the Lead Pastor at Zion Family Ministries in Wise, Virginia. He has been leading the ministry there for more than 20 years. Since entering the ministry as a youth pastor in 1981, God has given him some incredible opportunities. He has been blessed to minister in more than 14 countries on nearly 30 missions adventures. Sharing the gospel with the world has always been his passion. 

Wayne is also a musician and singer/songwriter. He loves leading congregations in worship. He says, "Some of my greatest moments in worship have come in congregations where multiple languages were worshipping as one!"  

Wayne is working on his first manuscript. "Three Ways to Absolutely, Positively, Definitely, Destroy Your Life."  He has always desired to be an author and hopes this book will be the first of many. Wayne and his Wife Sharon have been married for 34 years. They have three children who are all involved in Christian ministry. "I am grateful for my Christian heritage! God truly paved the way for my family to follow the call to share the Good News of the Gospel!"